minutes, Zheng Zheng was tipped into the restricted area, the referee whistled for a penalty, Mrs Wang scored a penalty, the field rewrite the score 2: 4. Since then, coach KUKA began large-scale substitutions, Cui Wei, Wang Qiang, Qi Tianyu, Han Rongze have received the opportunity to play. The first opponent to score 63 minutes again, eventually Luneng 2: 5 defeat. Before departure, the team booked to return home afte nike air max 1 uk   r the group stage from Brisbane flights. This reporter learned that the current national team has returned the time of booking, change returning from Sydney. Before the game, Perrin also expressed a strong desire to stay in Australia. "We liked to stay here." Of course, Perrin also understand very difficult against hosts Australia, he felt winning only 45%.The good news is that the national team's "Lucky Star," from Australia's small caddy Stephen told local media said, "My heart tells me that Australia would win, but my hunch is that the Chinese team will be the winner . "In the team competition with Saudi Arabia, Stephen Wang Lei help predict Saudi striker Ha Zhazi penalty kick direction, preserve the clean sheet.Sense of self, winning 45%At present, the country is located in the northern hemisphere winter comes, the weather is cold. Australia and the Southern Hemisphere summer temperature is just thirty degrees, although a little bit hot, but a lot more comfortable than the winter. Pre-match press conference on the 21st, and Perrin straight, bluntly said: "So far, everything we have successfully in Australia, where the weather




 is pleasant, I know that now is the winter frost Beijing winter days, so we like to stay here. That means we have to win the game. "To prevent ticket time there is not enough change from back to front seat before departure to Australia, the national team after the end of the group stage booked return tickets from Brisbane to Guangzhou. In the team into the Top 8 after qualifying, the team has been put off returning to the place set in Sydney. For this arrangement, within the national team also jokingly said: We are ready for the team is to semifinals, and finally back to Sydney to play. If the team can beat Australia, then under a semi-final will be carried out in Newcastle, Sydney is the Asian Cup final places. Even the semi-finals lost, Newcastle from Sydney is also relatively close tnike air huarache womens  o returning from Sydney is the most convenient route selection.Of course, thought of Australia this off, apparently difficulty is very large. Perrin said, "The Australian team is playing at home, they have a favorable various factors, such as a large number of fans came to the scene, it could affect the referee, in general I think for the host, the odds at 55 percent, We are the 45 percent. "Opponents believed would qualifyOf course, Australia is also extremely eager to win, head coach of the Persian Turkoglu said: "I only know that we are going to face a tough opponent, a great challenge to the audience in a packed stadium certainly, but we want to race able to stay after their own. I do not want to predict the percentage of winning, I'm not keen on that. Ever since I started to




 become a player, every game I want to be able to win, but also believe that they can win. As for China Advantage team, you should ask the Chinese team's head coach, I only own a team more interested in their group match three games did well, but we will stick to their style and continue to improve, and I believe we are hard to beat. "Turning to the relative strength of the Chinese team, the Persian Turkoglu said that compared to the last time the two teams have played against a lot of changes, especially coaches substitutions, "Chinese team group three game winning streak, which gives They brought great confidence. They are a very disciplined, well organized team, always give opponents a threat. We will be well prepared for. "Adverse impacts to reporters at the box office hotWhen the host has suffered a large number of fans in the Chinese team, the popular football market has become inevitable. In order to meet the needs of the organizing committee of the fans, the media has spent votes, so the 21st media  nike air max 2014 womens  was unable to receive their media ticket.Because there are a large number of Chinese living in Australia, plus specially came from domestic fans, so every previous group matches, has at least one million fans to the scene to cheer for the Chinese team. Team with outstanding performance to win the group, which is lit up everyone's enthusiasm. The majority of Chinese fans began buying tickets early. So wait Australia to determine the identity of the second group played with the Chinese team's quarter-finals, leaving their tickets running out.