regarding the transfer operation. But now this transfer has not yet entered a substantive stage of contract negotiations. Only in addressing the related disorders, the move possible come true. It is now February 28 transfer window closed there are 40 days or so, before that, the hole card transfer at any time may come to a critical node, regardless of success or failure.What obstacles hole card transfer  First is definitely money, hole cards and Fluminense have a contract, his former club also hopes to sell the second hole card money, Brazilian media said Fluminense want to get less than $ 5 million transfer fee. For about to turn 32 years old hole card, the $ 5 million transfer fee obviously can not be considered cheap in the transfer fee issue between the two clubs is bound to make the senike air max 2015 release date e-saw. According to the Brazilian media, the latest statement, the hole card transfer fee for the distribution problem, now they have differences between Fluminense club and sponsors Unimed company, which makes the transfer issue a temporary impasse hole card.Money factor also includes the hole cards of salary, the hole card Hengda effect when the original salary, according to media reports of $ 7,000,000, but this is a special period Hengda special treatment given. What treatment can be given on the harbor  I am not willing to pay the players too low, too high salary squad will break the balance, which is obviously a factor to be considered on the harbor.The wishes of the player himself and family issues also need to face the hole card was returned to Brazil to play, 




both Hengda reluctantly delays in providing reasons for the renewal of the contract, but the main reason is the hole card of the wife does not want her husband has been in China play. As a "henpecked" hole card, naturally will seriously consider the idea of his wife. Today when you drive home from work, may encounter some "on Speed" drivers, if possible, please let them go ahead. Perhaps they are not to miss tonight 6:30 of a football game, this is a common Asian Cup quarter-finals, but to this day, they held out for many years  there is a love called Orangemen.Tonight 6:30 GMT, Australia, Brisbane, how many people will be focusing its attention here. Asian Cup three group matches, the national football ratings CCTV reached 2.32%, 2.03% and 3%, respectively. CCTV Sports Channel Director Jiang Heping told reporters in Chengdu Commercial Daily, CCTV prime-time broadcast TV ratings also betweennike air max 1 cheap  1.18-1.2.Although the national football fans can look forward to another miracle in front of the host of the Australian team, but coach Perrin has maintained a low-key style, in his pre-match press conference, said: "Australia is a home game, there will be a lot of fans attended, might Let referee by the home crowd pressure. I think for the host, the odds at 55 percent, we are 45 percent. "Ironically, fearing host and Perrin turned out exactly the same --- they are afraid of becoming the Orangemen Brisbane home! After the national football qualifying, "the Sydney Morning Herald," said the author of Australia had become China's home. The domestic front of 




reporters and even reported that Brisbane Division dare massive advance tickets on sale this game, is worried by the local Chinese looted!The financial sector, a kind of predators called "Chinese Mother", these Chinese middle-aged women but had mad rush to buy gold and make the world price fluctuations. Following the "Chinese Mother", "Chinese fans," is expected to become the world's attention to another phenomenal existence. Australian football person in fear of suffering the same time, China has become a fan favorite Australian businesses. Asian Cup, the national football cheering group created the largest number of foreign spectators, the largest momentum height record, "the Sydney Morning Herald," and even that, the Chinese team's fans have played a role in stimulating the local economy in Australia! Brazil Time January 21 afternoon, at the Rio club Flamengo Pakistan A training base, Shandong Luneng and Brazil bangu team carried out a warm-up match, ursolic and Mrs Wang were to score, eventually Shandong Luneng 2: 5 negative rivals. After the start of the race, the two sides pitted against each other, the first 34 minutes, the super seize the chance to attack, by ursolic first break. But only opponents scored two goals in a row. Shandong Luneng 1-2 halftime bnike air huarache mens ehind.Intermission, Luneng make personnel adjustments, Cheng source, Kim King Road, Han Peng played replaced Lufkin, Aloisio, Monty slightly. After the start of the second half, scoring two goals and then another opponent, the score will be expanded to 4: 1. The first 53